Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hunzinger Mirror

This very cool mirror is being listed on eBay as a Hunzinger piece. At first I was somewhat skeptical about the claim. The piece has no tag nor is it shown in any books on Hunzinger. But, after further examination of the photos I am completely convinced that this is indeed a Hunzinger mirror. Check out the pics of the mirror first.

Note the corners of the mirror on the pic below - square blocks with a circular carving.

Now check out these three stamped Hunzinger chairs. Notice the extremely similar square blocks with circular carvings at joints in the chairs. My guess is that Hunzinger didn't bother to pattent or stamp anything that did not have a specific mechanical part in the design.

It's hard to tell, but this particular rocker (below) appears to have the exact same blocks as the mirror.

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