Thursday, December 07, 2006

Patent Number 624812 - May 9, 1899

This chair was patented after George Hunzinger died by his hiers. According to the patent, it was his design. This odd shaped chair has wide platform arms that fold down to the sides. The patent is dated: May 9, 1899. It is US Patent Number 624812.


Paul Tucker said...

The first sentence sounds like George's family killed him. "Died by his heirs"? Maybe it should read that the patent was granted to his heirs after he died.

Never saw the tall lollipop chair before. Very cool!

Did you ever get a hold of a copy of the George Hunzinger book?


Emeriol said...

"Died by his heirs" is what is on the patent application! I was stunned as well. Sounds like they killed him.

I still have not gotten a copy of the book... but looking up the patents one at a time is kinda fun, although time-consuming.

Anonymous said...

i have the lollipop chair can some one tell me about it? thanks ted milan