Monday, April 30, 2012

Reclining chair at Antique Hunter

I got a message from Antique-Hunter, they have a Hunzinger reclining chair that is in simply pristine condition.  It is definitely worth a visit to the site to check out the rest of the pictures.


Nuala said...

This chair is not only wonderful to look at, it is comfortable to sit in. I know because I have sat in it!

Antique Furniture said...

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Dakotacrafts said...

Greetings! This is very interesting! I ran across this blog when looking up "Hunzinger furniture" (to show to him) as George Hunzinger was a great-great grandfather to me and a triple-great to my son. I hadn't realized that there was a blog dedicated to his furniture. Thank you!

Scott Geyer said...

@dakotacrafts welcome! If you have any history or pictures you would like to share, please send my way. I am obviously a huge fan of your great great grandfather!