Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Third Place

Christa notified me that I had been seriously slacking on my blogs lately. I enquired as to exactly how much blogging one had to do in order to be considered a slacker. She answered simply... "you have slipped to third place" What? Evidently at one time in the recent past, typing in the word Hunzinger in a Google search pulled my blog as the number one site... well, now I have slipped to third behind some construction company named Hunzinger and behind another furniture blogger: Rare Victorian. Although I can't begrudge either of them, especially John at the RareVic, for taking my spot, I will have to kick it up a notch to bring up my hit ranking. So here we go!

Check out this fine Hunzinger piece Christa sent me last night. Platform rocker with patented duplex spring system. The finish looks original. The carvings in the back are quite cool. Finally, it has a stamped pattent mark as opposed to a paper lable. I'm considering purchasing it, but If I don't I'll share the link to the sale page! :)

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